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Welcome to Language Pathways Website

Welcome to our newly updated website! 

Language Pathways Inc. has been a labor of love since 1994 when we first began working together.  Our work with school-aged students included using and creating visual organizers to heighten their awareness to the predictable patterns of academic language as we incorporated classroom curriculum into our therapy.    As we continued our work, which included collaborating with teachers and parents on students’ use of visual organizers outside the therapy setting, other teachers began asking for copies of the organizers.  After making copy after copy we thought it was time to put the visual organizers into book form. That is how Language Pathways Inc. started business in 1998.  After many late nights and lots of take-out, our first publication, Pathways for Learning Iwas published.  Later, we wrote Pathways for Grammar and WritingPathways for Language II and Pathways for Social Reasoning.  We have grown, evolved and continue to be passionate about the positive results we’ve seen over the years in student performance and independence.  We are equally thrilled to now be on the web in a user friendly fashion.   

Enjoy! Dana and Sheila