- Language Pathways


For students who experience challenges in the regular classroom setting, the use of visual organizers can be a successful learning strategy for the following reasons:

  • VISUAL ORGANIZERS provide students with a tool to facilitate listening and reading comprehension as well as oral and written expression.
  • VISUAL ORGANIZERS reduce the complexity of ideas to increase understanding.
  • VISUAL ORGANIZERS offer an additional modality to assist students in processing information and demonstrate understanding through oral and written expression.
  • VISUAL ORGANIZERS limit the initial presentation of information to the most relevant and meaningful concepts, establishing a foundation that is well understood and therefore retained; a foundation more easily built upon for consolidation of new information.
  • VISUAL ORGANIZERS reduce the simultaneous processing demands required when producing written work.  Utilizing the organizer to retrieve content gives students greater opportunity to focus on sentence complexity, as well as the conventions of spelling, punctuation, and capitalization

The visual organizers in the Pathways for Learning series make the organizational patterns of classroom content more visually explicit and can improve learning not only for the child with identified learning style differences, but for all students within the classroom setting.