Language Pathways


We use these organizers because they work!  They not only make learning possible, they make it easier.  They help with organizational skills and retention, but most of all they enable students to be more independent.

Every class, every text, every teacher presents a new or unique way of presenting information.  The organizers in Pathways for Learning pull it all together and help give meaning and structure to new information.  Using visual organizers has made a big difference in the success of my child.

Natalie Gretencord, 

You could use these for any subject, at any grade level, and build on them yearly.  You have done such a thorough and outstanding job of providing a useable format for educators.  You have made them so user friendly that a teacher can individualize his/her program based on the need of the child.  The organizational skills you have presented will benefit all kids at all levels.

Christine S. Lamb, 
Special Educator

I feel that every student can benefit from some application of your visual organizers.  Even the best students can benefit from modifications.  You’ve identified and visually created forms that result in success.  Some students have a greater ability to process in this manner on their own; many need the help that Pathways for Learning provides.

Beverly Stokes, 

I have used these visual organizers with children having a wide range of language abilities, and benefits were evident with each child.  The organizers help the students to clearly see the connections between academic concepts.

All students can benefit from visual organizers.  They truly promote a multi-sensory approach to language learning.  The organizers are motivational to students by enabling them to become more independent when dealing with academic content.

Amy Rypkema, M.A., CCC-SLP, 
Speech Language Pathologist

An outstanding book – applicable not just for a child experiencing learning difficulties, but for any child learning how to learn.

Mary E. Harris, M.A., 
Educational Consultant